IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference
26–29 March 2023 // Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Wireless Communications for Social Innovation

WCNC 2023 Training

WCNC 2023 in collaboration with IEEE ComSoc UK and I chapter would like to invite research students to gain hands-on skills on vulnerability testing of wireless networks. Details and scope of the trainings are given below including what to bring to the session and how to register. This training this free for research students who are already attending WCNC 2023 and are registered. 

Assessing Network System Vulnerability -

The Impact of Basic Attacks on Your Network Security

Date: Wednesday March 29
Time: 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Room: Alsh 2

Scope of training: The training will cover key concepts related to the common vulnerabilities and security threats faced by network systems. The majority of the content is covered through lab practical that uses purpose-built hardware (Honeypot built with Raspberry Pi nodes) to emulate a vulnerable network system. Students will learn about common vulnerabilities, use of network analysis tools and program the system to emulate common attacks (e.g. Brute force attack for password, Command injection etc.). The training session is expected to take about 3 hrs.

Requirement for attendees: Students will be required to bring their laptops (with sufficient memory to run virtual machines). We will provide instructions to install virtual box. A copy of OS with security tools will be provided during the session. Pre-registration is required as space is limited. 

Tutors: Dr. Neera Jeyamohan, Christian Tucker, Prof. Nauman Aslam,  Dr. Syed Ali Zaidi 

Registration: Training is open to research students who are registered for the the WCNC 2023 Conference. Registration deadline is end of day, March 20thClick on the button below that best suits you. 

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